Where’s your quiet, calm or tranquil urban outdoor place?

Project DeStress is interested in knowing where people go outdoors that they think is a quiet area in a city.

Quiet areas are important places that we need to protect as they provide a space where we can rest and recover and avoid noisy environmental stressors.

Quiet areas may also help mitigate against the negative effects of noisy environments which can be bad for our health and wellbeing.

Calm or Tranquil places may be just as valuable as quiet areas, so we are interested in learning about all three types of places and if there are any differences between the three. Do people go to different places when they need, or want to do, different things? Do people perceive quiet, calm, and tranquil to be very similar?

Project DeStress is focusing on three UK cities, Brighton and Hove, Edinburgh, and Sheffield. If you live, work, or regularly visit one of these cities, please map your quiet, calm, and/or tranquil places using our online mapping survey.

You never know, you may even win a £15 Amazon voucher for taking part, as well as helping guide future Council’s identification and preservation of the quiet places that are important to you and your city.

Mapping Questionnaire website

Keep an eye out for lots of other events happening today throughout the world for International Noise Awareness Day (April 25th) and there will be more during Noise Action Week (May 21-26)